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Il Grande Piccolo... grew and transformed into an all day taste workshop, in the heart of Lavrio, redefining the concept of bistro & offering a unique enjoyable experience.
Excellent tasting options, in a small space where every detail is taken care of. Street gourmet dishes, exotic cocktails, brunch to die for and cozy atmosphere, make up a unique setting that you should not miss.


Visit our carefully decorated space in Lavrio. Make your reservation at the phone number below.


08:00 A.M.
02:00 P.M.


10:00 Π.Μ.
8:00 Μ.Μ.

News & Events

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The beautiful Lavrio

25 July 2022

People who love Kea and Kythnos – and they were so many last summer really know well the harbor of Lavrion. However if they have never toured Lavrion they have no idea what they are missing out on. People who watch quality movies and TV series have a  knowledge of Lavrion...

Vallis Gourmet Bistrot

25 July 2022

Both today and tomorrow, every moment in Lavrion… Vallis Gourmet Bistrot At the city center of Lavrion where the pulse of entertainment and enjoyment beats so loudly, Vallis Gourmet Bistrot is situated. It is a wonderful place where time really matters… In the morning, Vallis Gourmet Bistrot is a perfect café. Carefully selected...


25 July 2022

Cocktails, on the road to Vallis Gourmet Bistrot By the time you come to Vallis Gourmet Bistrot to find out and enjoy the amazing cocktails which are served, you can just hear a few things about the cocktails… I had the impression that they got their names from the cock’s tail which...