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Vallis Gourmet Bistrot

Both today and tomorrow, every moment in Lavrion…

Vallis Gourmet Bistrot

At the city center of Lavrion where the pulse of entertainment and enjoyment beats so loudly, Vallis Gourmet Bistrot is situated. It is a wonderful place where time really matters…

In the morning, Vallis Gourmet Bistrot is a perfect café. Carefully selected flavors, fine foods collection, impeccable service, the appropriate music, everything is carefully planned to enjoy your coffee. And if you haven’t had a breakfast yet, you can taste the best breakfast you could possibly imagine. Pancakes, French toast and Eggs Benedict are the choices you should definitely taste.

Come back at noon. It is high time for brunch and Vallis Gourmet Bistrot is a bistrot you would probably find in Manhattan or in Soho. Sweet and salty choices, favorite flavors, perfectly prepared, well made recipes. Beyond the ordinary, you can try freshly made salads, in classic and original recipes, fantastic burgers and sandwiches, Quesadillas that you have never tasted elsewhere, amazing Bao Buns and Hot Dogs.

Any time of the day is the right moment to enjoy incredible smoothies, fresh juice in an endless variety, unforgettable handmade sweets.

And it’s about time for a meal or supper and you want to treat yourself or your friends an amazing tasteful experience. Vallis Gourmet Bistrot is a restaurant of high standards, with a wide range of choices, one by one exceptional. Greek “experimental” cuisine, original creations, special dishes of the day which will make you crazy and classic choices that will never let you down.

And you should definitely come – or come back – at night Vallis Gourmet Bistrot is transformed into the most extraordinary bar. The music creates the right atmosphere and the right mood. People around you are the best company and the choices for unique, original cocktails are endless. And the wine bar, with dozens of carefully selected labels of Greek wines will offer you pleasures all across the spectrum of taste pallet.

Vallis Gourmet Bistrot is more than a good reason to visit Lavrion. It is situated where Sounion Avenue from the South and Lavrion Avenue from the North arrive at the heart of Lavrion City, at the pedestrian area where the pulse of entertainment beats. Near the Heron Square where once the train from Athens arrived, yes until 1956 there was a railway network from the city center of Athens at Lavrion Square near Omonia all the way to Lavrion.

If you have never come to Lavrion it is well worth a visit. It is a beautiful city full of sightseeings, where you will enjoy the sun and the sea, your walk and amazing tasteful experiences. If you come for a drive, to travel to Kea or Kythnos, to visit the Technological and Cultural Park of Lavrion… It is worth including some hours for the city in your schedule. And of course give yourselves the satisfaction to get to know the service, the environment and the incredible flavors of Vallis Gourmet Bistrot.

Vallis Gourmet Bistrot waits for you daily from 8:00 in the morning to 1:30 after midnight. It is located downtown in Lavrion at the address Mousourgou Mitropoulou 49-51 and our phone number 2292027775 is available for reservations and orders. Of course it provides wifi service, it is wheelchair accessible and it has a smoking area. Don’t forget to ask for Special Dishes of the Day as well as Special Desserts. 

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